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Tom Baker (4th Doctor) & Louise Jameson (Leela) Then & Now. 
I adored all of their episodes together SO much! Leela’s one of my favorite companions & Tom Baker is my favorite Doctor.
photos from Louise Jameson’s blog

They made such a great team!

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Noel Fielding + Intros Round = adorably awkward dance moves!

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LOOK AT THIS. I’m flailing so hard right now. This incredible crafter made the entire 221 B flat small enough to fit into an Altoid tin. The amount of detail here is just mind blowing. You can check out her Craftster page with the details here. If you’d like to make a matchbox version of this, you can find her tutorial here!

This is just so awesome.Miniatures make me squee!


Mini Monday!

I’ve seen a lot of almanacs floating around both in our department and on the web, so I just wanted to share one more.  This bright green and gilded little almanac is for the year 1836, and contains everything from holidays to portraits.  What’s most impressive: you can hold it on the tip of your finger!

Almanac, 1836.  Charlotte Smith Uncatalogued Minitatures

-Laura H. 

This is the cutest, wee-est mini-monday yet!

I <3 Grammar jokes!

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g-isabellae liked your photo “veronikasikulova: Moths pencil on paper 425 x 425 mm”

I hoped you would like that moth drawing! It made me think of you.

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pencil on paper

425 x 425 mm



relationship tip #78: ‘babe’ and ‘baby’ are cliche and outdated. try a fun new nickname such as ‘lieutenant’ instead 


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