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Pages 7-13 of the Mighty Boosh Tour Diary, saved from the internet wayback machine. 


Bollo has very clear handwriting for a gorilla- and compared to Vince/Noel’s scribblings!

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original photo by Graham Jepson

 Happy Jesus Weekend! (if that’s your bag)


Trying to cheer up my dash with this adorable pic

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- Steven’s Star -

So many characters of Steven Universe in just one T-shirt. Can you recognize them?…

This is my 2nd design for the SU welovefine T-shirt Contest. (1st entry)

There are so many awesome entries to this contest - I want them all to win!

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Finished! John Thornton, drawn in PS.

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Welcome to BUB Sides and Rarities: 

An entire week of exceptionally unique BUB FACES.


Toasts with the most: 21 awesome energy-boosting breakfast ideas

These look amazing! I’ve been looking for easy savoury breakfast ideas.

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My favorite P&P!

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Upcoming movie called Belle. Has my interest much more than Turn. A movie where they actually took the time to research and it looks fantastic. 

Belle is based on a historical character, Dido Elizabeth Belle, the mixed–race daughter of a British Naval officer and an African woman. Dido is taken to England by her father, Captain Sir John Lindsay, to be raised by his uncle, the Lord Mansfield, as an aristocratic Lady, as befits her blood line. On the grand estate of Kenwood House, Dido is raised in privilege alongside her cousin Elizabeth Murray and together they navigate the complex social hierarchies of the time. Dido meets John Davinier, a young lawyer and apprentice of Lord Mansfield, and a rift grows between her and her protective guardian, who sees John as being beneath Dido. Yet John and Dido’s meeting is the beginning of a love story that catapults Dido onto a path of self-discovery, and forces Lord Mansfield, the Lord Chief Justice, to confront his own views on race, society and the antiquated laws of the time.”

More stills! I am REALLY looking forward to this film!

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