Everything But The Pitchforking

Multifandom Blog: Mighty Boosh, Tolkien, Doctor Who, Sleepy Hollow, Steven Universe, My Little Pony, MCU, etc.  My (inactive) mainblog is fuckyeahhoarding. Other blogs: Mighty Boosh Crafts @booshcrafts.tumblr.com ; Regency History @ ladysmatter.tumblr.com

Call me Nora Pitchfork.

I’m over-educated and unemployed.  After living in cities for the last 12 years, I’m moving back to my Midwestern hometown and into my parents’ vacant house.  Only it’s not empty- it’s chock full of amazing, baffling, and infuriating shit that my mother has hoarded over the 30+ years of living there. I blog the highlights at my other Tumblr, Fuck Yeah Hoarding.