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Doctor Who: Earthshock (1982)

This story was riveting for 8-year-old me!

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After many nights of obsessive tile moving, I finally got to Matt Smith in the Doctor Who Edition of 2048!


If I have carpal tunnel tomorrow, this will be why.

FINALLY a version of 2048 that speaks to me!




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Step into the whodrobe!

I had such a ball remembering all kinds of trinkets from the Doctor’s adventures (especially the crystal from metabelis 3)

My favorite? The celery!

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Tips for happiness: If you make a bad choice, remember that the choice you made is still better than whatever Moffat would have written you as doing 

I find this strangely uplifting!

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BRRRR. It’s currently 8°F in NYC with a windchill of -9°F (that’s -13°C and -23°C.)

I think puppet 12 wishes he was in Cardiff right about now.

Puppet 12 makes me even more excited for TV Twelve!


The Time of the Doctor

I finally watched the Doctor Who Xmas special on New Year’s Eve, so now I get to celebrate 2014 by removing all the Doctor Who / spoiler tags from my blacklist and adding all the Sherlock tags! Yay?