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I miss Glitch, but seeing the outpouring of nostalgia on Tumblr and Twitter, I realize that what I miss most of all is the community of Glitchen in that world. I’m thankful for all the ways that I can keep in touch with the Glitchen diaspora, but there was something really special about the way the community and the game environment worked together. *sniff*

I just finished carving my Zille the Pumpkin! Now I just need to take a trip to the firebogs to gather a jar of fireflies…
(Pics of the real thing tomorrow!)

I just finished carving my Zille the Pumpkin! Now I just need to take a trip to the firebogs to gather a jar of fireflies…

(Pics of the real thing tomorrow!)

I’m on a Glitch crafting binge!

While I work on my Glitch Essences project, I’ve been musing on emblems of the giants. I thought about making felt pins, since if I like something I make a felt pin of it.  Instead I decided to try making mini emblems out of polymer clay. I’ve been wanting to improve my clay skills anyway.

So! Today I made a trial run of mini emblems out of clay, culminating in this handsome (if I do say so myself) metallic mini emblem of Pot.  I always imagined the emblems in Glitch being about the size of my palm- pretty big and heavy. I didn’t want to something that big, so I made my emblems just the right size to hold and fondle while I think of Ur that was.

I’m going to try some different colors of metallic clay- I’ve got to have emblems for all my favorite giants!

Glitch Essences: WiP

I loved growing herbs and tincturing in Glitch, so I want to make some essence bottles as real-world mementos of Ur that was. This is my first try, after watching a number of Youtube videos on making charm bottles.

I made the labels in photoshop and printed them on sticker paper. The “essences” are clear glue colored with food coloring. I need to work on matching the colors better! I just got some larger bottles that look more like the essence bottles and feel more like the right size. More updates to come!


You know, I probably should have written all of these down, but I didn’t become an archiver until a lot later. It would have helped with the monotony of screenshotting every single one (I can’t type them out that fast.)

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I’m SO glad a Glitchen saved these! The Encyclopedia has some of the longer conversations (about giants & stuffz), but it’s the little everyday sayings I miss the most.


I am missing Glitch so much right now. Months after it’s gone and I swear it still has not quite sunk in that I’ll never be able to actually go back into the game.

God, just the sense of COMMUNITY in that game. Everyone was so nice. Well, almost everyone. And if you were a douche people damn well called you out on your douchery. And just how well people got along no matter what your level or how long you’d been playing… Everyone was willing to help. Because everyone LOVED THE GAME, they loved sharing it with the newcomers and telling them “Oh my giants, wait until you learn about THIS/do THIS quest, you’ll LOVE it.”

And it was so lovingly crafted and the creators SERIOUSLY CARED what your opinions were and just. Sob. Such an amazing game. I can’t even.

Yes. All of this.

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A map of the actual ‘whole world’ of Glitch.  Man.  We had so far to go…


The last areas I explored were some of the most interesting. I loved the Rook cemetary even though I never got around to fighting rooks. 

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I really enjoyed fighting rooks- but I also loved that combat was such a tiny part of Glitch that you could ignore it if you wanted to. I never made it to the Rook cemetery, though.

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