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Super Shiny Harmony Ket Set- coming soon to a convention near you!  

Awesome! Practically my first thought on watching the MLP season finale was, “I hope someone makes those keys”

Pinkie Pie’s Purple Party Fez!!

Bigger, Brighter Pony Pennants at Pegasus Pins!

I’ve redesigned the pennants in my Etsy shop inspired by the MLP episode “Games Ponies Play.”  Both the Crystal Empire pennant and the Cloudsdale pennant are now BIGGER, 5.25 inches by 11 inches (approx. 13 cm x 28 cm), and made of BRIGHTER thicker 100% Wool felt. The larger size makes them even better for cosplay!  I’ve included a pic of the pennants next to some of my pony toys so you can see the scale. 

You can choose to have your pennant made with TIES or with a SLEEVE. Both styles can be attached to a wooden dowel (not included) for waving around like filly Rainbow Dash. They also look fantastic on your wall or dorm-room door!

See the Pony Pennants in my Etsy shop, Pegasus Pins!


Cornetto Ponies by PixelKitties

Wrapping up my big Nightmare Nights project.  Wanted to share these three from the background-

Twilight as Shaun, AJ as Sgt. Nicholas Angel (not Angle) and Rainbow Dash as Gary “The Once and Future” King

2 of my favorite things!

Spitfire’s Cutie Marks!

 I made these large cutie mark pins out of layers of wool felt for a customer who will be dressing up as Spitfire for Hallowe’en.  This was the most fun I’ve had with a Pegasus Pins order in a long time!

I offer custom versions of my winged Pegasus Pins and my colorful Circle Pins, but I’m also happy to design completely new pins like these. It takes extra time to make special patterns, so they cost more than my usual offerings. I’m really glad this customer chose this awesome option!

Check out all my MLP-inspired felt crafts at my Etsy shop, Pegasus Pins!

A little update!

I haven’t posted anything about Pegasus Pins for quite a while, partly because I’m cooking up some exciting new projects! In the meantime, here are some pins I made recently. Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are stock pins available in my Etsy shop. The Bon Bon (aka Sweetie Drops) and Spitfire circle pins are custom orders.

You may be wondering where Lyra is, since she and Bon Bon are so often together. Well, that’s one of my exciting new projects- more on why it’s exciting and new soon!

Check out all my MLP fancrafts (and some mementos for the late, lamented game Glitch) at Pegasus Pins!


Big Mac Bunk by *PixelKitties

Been revisiting Firefly while preparing for the convention and realized I never did any pony art with my favoritest show in the ‘verse!

Heading out for BronyCon in about half an hour.  If you’re doing likewise, take care, be safe, and I can’t wait to say hello!  Zhu yi!


The kaiju has a cutie mark!


Commission - Double Rainboom Rainbow Dash and Powerpuff Girls 3” OOAK sculpt

concept: http://i.imgur.com/z6OKQ8Y.gif

I would watch the heck out of a PPG and MLP crossover show!

(via bakersttardis)


New Book Boxes by *PixelKitties

At last June’s Bronycon I made a paper, book-shaped Elements of Harmony box to keep pens, stickers, and assorted stuff in.  I was amazed at the number of people who came up offering me ridiculous amounts of money to buy it.  Towards the end of the convention I ended up with a bunch of people at my table bidding on a simple craft item that wasn’t even that happy with.

I made some more and sold those at subsequent conventions last year and while everyone seemed to love them I really thought the books could be so much more impressive than just paper and cardboard.

This year I wanted to really create something truly worthwhile.  The new book boxes are made of wood with gold leaf “pages” and are leather wrapped with a tooled pattern.  The horse emblem and corner embellishments are laser cut/etched mirrored  acrylic. THIS is the kind of Elements of Harmony box I wanted all along!  I’m also thinking of having a special surprise inside the book as well.  Gotta see what I can do before next weekend. 

Best of all, you can totally put your weed in there!  Because ponies eat weeds and grass.  Obviously.

I’ll have nine boxes in three sizes at Trotcon next weekend.  If they sell well I’ll be bringing them to Bronycon and Nightmare Nights too!

These are awesome! They really look like Twilight Sparkle’s “Elements of Harmony” book brought into the real world.