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One time.
(See photos for captions.)

Still really miss it.

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I think the last hubs that were created before the announcement of Glitch’s imminent shut-down might have been Nottis and Drifa. It wasn’t on purpose, but it seems like the music that was made for those snow covered lands was foreshadowing it. 

I thought this would be a good tune to send out to you all during all of these celebrations that seem to cluster around the Winter Solstice. Fitting music to be working on during the big ice storm we had in the Toronto area as well. Put it on as background music as you enjoy family, friends or quality alone time. 

Best wishes to you all. Merry Glitchmas.

What a nice Glitchmas present!


We Glitchen/Glitches/Glitch players are hanging out on the Children of Ur Demo http://childrenofur.github.io/coUclient/game.html

Please change your name to your Glitch name by typing /setname + your name when entering the danger zone chat.

It’s a Glitchmas miracle!



I sure could use a Cloud 11 Smoothie right about now! Now where’s my fruit changing machine?

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Tiny Speck,


One more because I love it.

This music still makes me antsy- where’s my Rookswort essence? My meditation sphere? My donations bag?

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Enjoy your tears.

I blew my conch a lot during my last days in Ur …

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I miss Glitch, but seeing the outpouring of nostalgia on Tumblr and Twitter, I realize that what I miss most of all is the community of Glitchen in that world. I’m thankful for all the ways that I can keep in touch with the Glitchen diaspora, but there was something really special about the way the community and the game environment worked together. *sniff*

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Laura Starrs,
Glitch Ringtones [Music Blocks]


Lay your picks and scrapers down,
Catch the fading evenlight,
Butterflies rest in the fruit trees
as we sing to Ur, “good night.”

Fireflies glimmer, glimmer ‘round all
Shimla Mirch and back to you
Bearing sparks from all the Glitchen
Cosma, Tii and Friendly too.

To be woven in our dreaming
Good night Groddle, good night.

Exactly one year ago, Glitch shut down forever. Goodnight, Ur.

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Music Roundup II



its snowing outside, so now seems like a good time for Winter Holiday

happy glitchmas!

its that time of year again

Suddenly I want a sno-cone…

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