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Got my cookie cat pin today!!!
Its bigger than I thought it would be, but its really cool! It also comes with this “I believe in steven” sticker. ovo!!

I’m glad you like it! :D

Cookie Cat Pins are back in stock in my Etsy Store!

I just made a fresh batch of wool felt Cookie Cat pins! They’re all wrapped up for giving as gifts to your friends- or yourself. Get them while they’re hot! I’m also working on some other Steven Universe designs, since I just love that show

Direct Link to COOKIE CAT!

COOKIE CAT PINS in stock at Pegasus Pins!

I usually make everything to order for my Etsy shop, Pegasus Pins, but my Cookie Cat pins have been so popular that I’ve made some in advance for the Holiday shopping season! While supplies last, Cookie Cats will ship the next business day!

Each Cookie Cat pin comes individually wrapped and ready to give. I can ship it directly to the lucky recipient- just leave a NOTE to SELLER when you order letting me know to include a “gift receipt” without your payment detail. I can also include a short message from you!


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many notes so fast before I posted my first Cookie Cat pin! Hooray for Steven Universe fans! (Does this fandom have a name yet?)

I got so much positive feedback I decided to offer a Cookie Cat pin in my Etsy store, Pegasus Pins. I revised the design to be a little more show-accurate than my first attempt.

Here’s a direct link to the Cookie Cat Pin listing!

He’s a frozen treat with a brand new taste

Cuz he came to this planet from outer space!

A refugee from Interstellar war

But now he’s at your local grocery store.


He’s a pet for your tummy!


He’s super duper yummy!


He left his family behind!


Now available at Gergen’s off Route 109!

When I like things, I make them into badges out of felt. So I just HAD to make a felt Cookie cat to show my love for the first episode of Steven Universe!

The big question is, should I make this pin available in my Etsy store?

Spitfire’s Cutie Marks!

 I made these large cutie mark pins out of layers of wool felt for a customer who will be dressing up as Spitfire for Hallowe’en.  This was the most fun I’ve had with a Pegasus Pins order in a long time!

I offer custom versions of my winged Pegasus Pins and my colorful Circle Pins, but I’m also happy to design completely new pins like these. It takes extra time to make special patterns, so they cost more than my usual offerings. I’m really glad this customer chose this awesome option!

Check out all my MLP-inspired felt crafts at my Etsy shop, Pegasus Pins!

A little update!

I haven’t posted anything about Pegasus Pins for quite a while, partly because I’m cooking up some exciting new projects! In the meantime, here are some pins I made recently. Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are stock pins available in my Etsy shop. The Bon Bon (aka Sweetie Drops) and Spitfire circle pins are custom orders.

You may be wondering where Lyra is, since she and Bon Bon are so often together. Well, that’s one of my exciting new projects- more on why it’s exciting and new soon!

Check out all my MLP fancrafts (and some mementos for the late, lamented game Glitch) at Pegasus Pins!

An AWESOME Custom Order!

This is my favorite custom order so far- A Shadowbolts pin! The customer is going to use it for a Shadowbolt dress uniform cosplay- isn’t that a cool idea?

The Shadowbolts logo/ cutie mark is the most complex I’ve painted to date, so I did a lot of practicing on paper to get used to it. 

Check out the many MLP-inspired, handmade pin designs at my Etsy shop!

I had a really fun custom order recently, for a Roseluck cutie mark pin! I was really happy with how it turned out, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Check out my many MLP-inspired wool felt designs at my etsy shop, Pegasus Pins!

McCoy! Get out the straws, McCoy!

My handful of Luxury Comedy-inspired puppets / pins is complete! They’re off to see the Jelly Fox. They fit so nicely on my fingers I didn’t want to take them off- but they do make typing difficult.

All of them are made of wool-blend felt with iron-on eyes and mouths from my digital art, with accents in permanent ink.