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Working on a realllly quick cosplay for Chicago Comic Con this weekend- here’s a sneak peek!

I mean to make silhouettes of some other celebrities with striking profiles, but Janelle Monae has so many amazing looks that look so good in black and white! This one has a touch of silver ink as well.

previously ~ more silhouette art

Inspired by late 18th/early 19th century silhouette art, I’ve been trying out silhouettes of current celebrities with striking profiles. Here’s Janelle Monae, who looks so sharp in black and white!

I’ve been looking at late 18th/early19th c. Silhouette Art lately, and I decided to try it myself. Lacking live models, I’m practising with profile photos of celebrities!

Asker faceplantmay Asks:
HI! I just saw a post about your cookie cat wool felt pins and they look absolutely precious! I want one really badly, but the only issue is I am severely allergic to wool. Even minor amounts. I worked retail most of my adult life, and every winter is hell because even touching wool sends my hands into burning red rashes (I usually have to wash them either immediately or use hand sanitizer) and I worry what the wool felt might do to me.
everythingbutpitchforking everythingbutpitchforking Said:

Thanks!  I’m sorry to say you would probably react badly to my cookie cat pin. All of my materials have at least 30% wool in them, and most of Cookie Cat is 100% wool. I have tried working with 100% synthetic (non-wool) felt before, and it just doesn’t work well for the pins that I make.  We will just have to admire each other from afar! :D

If you love cookie cat, you might look for some etsy crafters who use other materials. Here are a couple of adorable Cookie Cat items made out of polymer clay:

Cookie Cat Necklace/Keychain by SweetPandaFish

Cookie Cat Charm Necklace by AngelicLittleCharms

And if you search etsy for “Steven Universe” you’ll find a lot of great fan art and fan crafts!

Cookie Cat Pins are back in stock in my Etsy Store!

I just made a fresh batch of wool felt Cookie Cat pins! They’re all wrapped up for giving as gifts to your friends- or yourself. Get them while they’re hot! I’m also working on some other Steven Universe designs, since I just love that show

Direct Link to COOKIE CAT!

This is a page from a lavishly illustrated copy of Meriadoc Brandybuck’s book Herblore of the Shire that was long held in the library at Brandy Hall. It illustrates the famous Pipe-weed in watercolor, with additional details of the flower, seed, dried leaves, pipe-weed pouch, and pipe in ink.

As I was painting this, I realized that this is the first Tolkien fan art I’ve done in about 20 years! I’ve re-read the books many times, but somehow never felt moved to art about them since my teen-fan years. The inspiration now comes from this Tolkien readalong, and “concerning Pipe-weed” is a prompt for the Prologue to FotR. I looked at some botanical illustrations and photos of Nicotiana Tabacum for reference, since Tolkien says pipe-weed is probably some species of Nicotiana.

(P.S. I’m new to watercolors and to photographing my watercolors, so I have a lot to learn about both!)

Bigger, Brighter Pony Pennants at Pegasus Pins!

I’ve redesigned the pennants in my Etsy shop inspired by the MLP episode “Games Ponies Play.”  Both the Crystal Empire pennant and the Cloudsdale pennant are now BIGGER, 5.25 inches by 11 inches (approx. 13 cm x 28 cm), and made of BRIGHTER thicker 100% Wool felt. The larger size makes them even better for cosplay!  I’ve included a pic of the pennants next to some of my pony toys so you can see the scale. 

You can choose to have your pennant made with TIES or with a SLEEVE. Both styles can be attached to a wooden dowel (not included) for waving around like filly Rainbow Dash. They also look fantastic on your wall or dorm-room door!

See the Pony Pennants in my Etsy shop, Pegasus Pins!

Part N in my ongoing project to make little objects from the game Glitch: tickets! Nostalgic Glitchen will remember using race tickets to play Game of Crowns etc., Gameshow tickets to spin the wheel of fortune, and Diabolical Drink tickets to get that coveted wine of the dead from Hell’s Bartender. 

I’ve included the images I made so you can print your own onto colored paper! Use a hole punch on the cross-hairs to make the corner cutouts. For authentic edges, use a perforating rotary cutter or the cutter on a tape dispenser to separate the strip of tickets.

I’ve also started tucking tickets into orders for Glitch Mementos from my Etsy shop.

P.S.- For another part of this project, I’ve been wondering: Did we ever see the BACKS of Upgrade cards? Do you remember, Glitchen?

Merry Glitchmas from Pegasus Pins!

The Full Rainbow of mini essence bottles are back in my Etsy shop! All full sets of essences and emblems come with a handmade Generic Blue Bag.

Mini Essence Bottles now come individually gift-wrapped- perfect for Glitchmas giving! For the holiday season, these will ship within 5 days of ordering. Order by midnight December 16 for estimated Christmas delivery by 1st Class Mail within the US.

See all the Glitch Mementos at Pegasus Pins!