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Rainbow Dash Blues

Color is one of the things that drew me to  MLP:FiM, and it’s one thing I love about working with wool felt. But it can be challenging to represent digitally-created ponies in a real world medium. Even the huge spectrum of colors that wool felt comes in fails sometimes.

Rainbow Dash’s light bright blue body color has been especially challenging to match. Until now, the best color match I had was a polyester craft felt that was flimsy compared to the other felt I use. I made do by using a double layer in critical places.  I’ve just found a felt from a different supplier that has a brighter hue and a thicker texture. It’s the central piece in the spectrum of blue felts, and I think it’s the best match so far!

In the bottom picture, you can see how my Rainbow Dash design has evolved. The 1st example used an inferior image transfer for the cutie mark. The 2nd example shows a color combination I tried out and didn’t like. The 3rd pin is an example of the pin that I’ve sold in my shop. the 4th pin shows the new blue body color that I’m now using.

It’s a subtle difference, but I’m pleased to be able to offer a dashier Rainbow Dash pin in my Etsy shop, Pegasus Pins!

Sneak Peek: Coming soon to the Pegasus Pins Etsy shop!

A customer asked about an Octavia pin, so I decided to design a pair of musical cutie mark pins for Tavi and DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch!

I decided I needed to get more purple into Octavia’s pin, since her eyes and bow tie add so much character to her color design. I’m trying to decide if I need to incorporate the bright purple of DJ Pon-3’s sunglasses into her pin. What do you think?